3:14 pm - Saturday December 18, 3148

Carimbo, Cumbia, and Guitarrada; Saulo Duarte e a Unidade with New Album

Saulo Duarte e a Unidade is a group with strong roots in the traditional rhythms and melodies of northern Brazil. Their distinctive sound evokes elements of carimbo, cumbia, and guitarrada, complemented with afropop and reggae.

Saulo Duarte e a Unidade’s first album was produced  by Carlos Eduardo Miranda and featured the Brazilian singer Tulipa Ruiz on the single  ‘Onze Horas’. The band’s video for that single,released in Oct.2013, featured the actress Juliana Didone  and the actor Dudu Oliveira.

Sualo Duarte e a Unidade are about to release their second album (Quente – July 11th) produced by themselves with Mauricio Tagliari. Recorded in the studio YB Music, the album will feature guest artists such as Felipe Cordeiro, Manuel Cordeiro, Curumim, Ceruto & Luis de la Hoz (from Cuba), David Hubbard (from Guyana, Alex Tea (EUA), and many others.

Band members:
Joao Leao (keyboards)
Tulio Bias (percussions)
Saulo Duarte (vocals & guitar)
Klaus Sena (bass)
Beto Gibbs (drums)
Igor Caracas (percussions).



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