8:56 am - Tuesday December 12, 2017

Azteca America: U.S. casting for La Academia Kids is a resoundingsucess

la cademia kids


The nation-wide U.S. casting call for La Academia Kids drew to a close with a giant celebration.  Hundreds of youngsters demonstrated their performing talent, hoping to qualify for the final phase of the audition process for the program that shows the world the future stars of music and television. 

La Academia Kids is the children’s version of La Academia, the largest launching pad for Spanish-language television talent.  The charismatic Ingrid Coronado returns as host for the second season, joined by Mariana Torres and Carlos Arenas. 

The first American city to host auditions was San Antonio, followed by Dallas – two places that welcomed hundreds of young people eager to demonstrate their singing and acting abilities. 

Auditions next moved to Phoenix and Tucson, where more young hopefuls were chosen to participate in the final casting that took place this weekend in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Here, local talent performed alongside the best from the other host cities. 

Verónica del Castillo, host of Al Extremo, and Poncho de Anda, host of Venga la Alegría, served as talent judges alongsideRodolfo JiménezMayte Prida, and Said García Solís. 

Also present at the casting calls across the United States were several established music stars.  Puerto Rican singer Miguelito, hosts and songwriters Erika Vidrio and Serralde, and Mexican regional performers Nena GuzmánRégulo Caro, and Julio Reyes were all among the stars performing to show their support for rising talent.  Similarly, performers of the caliber of Ángeles Ochoa and Don Pedro Rivera also supported the hundreds of children who came in search of an opportunity to shine on stage. 

Lastly, candidates were selected to travel to Mexico City for one final round of auditions to determine the final cast that will comprise the second class of La Academia Kids.

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