12:51 pm - Friday December 15, 2017

“Voltea Pa’ Que Te Enamores,” Venevision Production’s New Telenovela Under the Cisneros Media Brand

  • This New Production, the First under the Cisneros Media Brand, Is Encased in a Completely Innovative Production Scheme with Never-before-Seen Sets That Will Set a New Standard in the Telenovela Genre

 Venevision Productions, the Cisneros Media production house based in Miami, announces it’s about to begin production of the telenovela “Voltea Pa’ Que Te Enamores, a multifaceted story of love that does not stop with the main characters, but rather goes on to explore the many different varieties of contemporary love that are intertwined among the supporting cast.

This original story of renowned playwright Monica Montañes was adapted by the talented writer Nora Sanchez-Aleman, who has contributed to the success of several of Venevision Productions’ novelas, including “Eva Luna” and “Cosita Linda.”  “Voltea Pa’ Que Te Enamores” will be produced at Cisneros Media’s modern and spacious studios in the city of Miami, where innovative scenography and never-before-seen production sets were created.

“‘Voltea Pa’ Que Te Enamores’ is the first novela to be produced under the Cisneros Media brand, the project is very innovative and contemporary, not only in terms of the storyline, but also with the scenic design, visual technique, photography and acting demeanor, etc.,” explained Juan Carlos Sosa, Executive Vice President of Operations of Venevision Studios.  “We are producing original and relevant content with the today’s U.S. Hispanic viewers in mind.”

“Voltea Pa’ Que Te Enamores” is a urban and modern telenovela, full of comic moments, witty dialogues interpreted with absolute spontaneity, and rich and poignant characters in situations that vividly reflect the everyday experiences of millions of ordinary people who are tangled in the complexity of love… the impossible love, the tough love, the old love about to die, the new love that brings new hope…  The same happens with most of the story’s characters, who are so submersed in their day-to-day problems and life’s daily responsibilities that do not allow them to see the love and happiness that’s before them.  Many things have to happen in order for each of these characters to find their destiny, but something is for certain: each and every one of them will eventually realize that love is much easier to find than they thought… they simply have to clear their hearts and minds and let love in…



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