3:11 am - Tuesday December 12, 2017

Sobriety Checkpoint in place for Tonight _NR‏

PCSO Conducting a Sobriety Checkpoint This Evening

The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office is establishing a Sobriety Checkpoint tonight.  As summer events begin the checkpoint is a reminder to everyone in the community that identifying intoxicated drivers is a high priority for law enforcement.  Motorist passing through the checkpoint will be provided educational materials about the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

This is the first of at least two checkpoints scheduled for Pueblo County this summer. The Colorado State Patrol will be assisting.  While the exact location of the checkpoint will not be released, deputies say it will be northwest of the city limits and is scheduled to begin around 6pm.

Citizens are reminded that following directions, having your seatbelt on, and avoiding using your cellular phone while in the checkpoint line will likely get drivers through the process sooner.    In addition to officers skilled at identifying drunk drivers, the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office will have a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) on hand to help identify individuals whose driving may be impaired by other substances.

Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor believes sponsoring this type of event is important. “There are several things people can do to be safe driver.  At the top of that list is to never get behind the wheel of a car when impaired. A sobriety checkpoint serves a dual purpose.  There is an enforcement aspect but the educational piece is just as important” says Taylor. “We will likely find an intoxicated driver or two, but I know we will be able to share life-saving information with dozens more.”



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