9:17 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

Gardner’s Stunning History On Immigrant Blackmail

While in the Colorado State House, Cory Gardner was one of only six to vote against a bill to make it a felony to blackmail undocumented immigrants with threats of deportation. The bill criminalized threats to “report the immigration status of another person to law enforcement officials unless they provide money.”

Immigrants in this country without papers are already forced to live life in the shadows, terrified of being ripped apart from their children and the community they call home. But not only does Gardner oppose the bipartisan bill to reform our broken immigration system and keep Colorado families together, he voted in the extreme minority to allow immigrants to be blackmailed and threatened with deportation.

“Coloradans believe in a comprehensive, humane solution to America’s complex immigration problems. Gardner’s vote against Colorado immigrants being blackmailed by predators who threaten them with deportation is further proof that his values aren’t our values,” said Manny Lopez del Rio, Udall for Colorado political director.



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