12:38 pm - Tuesday December 12, 2017

Walmart Introduces Giselle Blondet´s Exclusive Line For Puerto Rico‏

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Walmart Puerto Rico announced today the launching of Gi, by Giselle Blondet line of beddings and jewelry. The products of this successful Puerto Rican actress and host will be sold exclusively at Puerto Rico stores.


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“At Walmart we are thrilled to support Giselle Blondet in her launching as a business woman. We are proud that in this new professional stage she chose to give Walmart Puerto Rico the exclusive rights to sell her high quality products, branded Gi”, said Viviana Mercado, Corporate Affairs Manager.

The Gi by Giselle Blondet bedding line consists of six designs inspired by themes that invite a peaceful and pleasant night rest: DreamHarmonyLove,BalanceTranquility and Infinity. Each bedding set is available in Full, Queen, or King size, and includes six pieces: reversible comforter, bedskirt, two pillow shams and two decorative pillows. In addition, each design has its correspondent sheet set.

On the other hand, with the Gi jewelry line, which includes various styles of earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and chains with crystal and metallic pendants, its creator wants to contribute to women’s natural vanity, and make them feel beautiful and deserving of the best.

“Gi by Giselle Blondet is a brand aimed at women who like me, feel confident and enjoy being a woman”, said the multi-talented artist. “My intention is to inspire women to feel beautiful, modern and like a queen with quality products at affordable prices”, added referring to her brand, which is full of symbols directly related to the new stage in her life.

“My logo is a dragonfly, because these creatures live their life to the fullest, and in many cultures, represent the maturity needed to make good decisions. The purple color is the perfect balance between red, which symbolizes the necessary passion and energy for things go well, and blue, which represents serenity, peacefulness and tranquility”, she explained.

“We know that the new Gi by Giselle Blondet brand will be well received by of our customers because these products reflect good taste and the cheerful and positive attitude that have always characterized one of the most admired personalities of show business”, said Mercado, and added that Walmart and the actress and new entrepreneur have plans to extend the brand to products in other categories, as well as expand its distribution to other markets.

“I can’t be happier and more grateful to God for having fulfilled this dream in my beloved country. I think of my mother, that pushed me to do it, because she was such a tireless fighter; and I think of my father, because the line bears his name, and I see it as a gift for him too. I am conscious of the example I want to give my kids and all the women that everything is possible if you work hard and wholeheartedly. At 50 years old, I feel that I’m doing more than in my 20s. We must see life each day as a new beginning”Blondet said.



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