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Mauricio Islas and Paola Núñez star in Destino, the new Azteca America telenovela

The great telenovela actor Mauricio Islas and talented actress Paola Núñez star in a new Azteca America telenovelaDestino.  A story of love 
and intrigue featuring leading lady Margarita Gralia playing the story’s villain, Destino 
will reach televisions tuned to Azteca America starting Monday, May 26 at 9:00 pm / 8:00 pm CDT. 

Destino tells the story of Valeria (Paola Núñez), an honorable and hard-working woman who cares for Socorro, her sickly mother.  On her death bead, Socorro confesses that she isn’t Valeria’s real mother and that her mother is named Dulce María Ríos.  Faced with this surprising news, Valeria begins a tireless search for her mother, hoping to uncover the reasons that the two had been separated for so long. 

But days before hearing Socorro’s revelation, Valeria had been accused of a crime she did not commit.  This unfortunate event brings her together with Sebastián (Mauricio Islas), who begins a passionate romance with the brave woman that is tarnished by Grecia del Sol’s (Margarita Gralia) jealousy and her schemes.  Grecia del Sol is a powerful entrepreneur who is in love with Sebastián and who will stop at nothing to end his relationship with Valeria. 

The love triangle formed by Valeria, Sebastián, and Grecia will be marked by secrets and by ties that bind them in ways beyond what any of them imagined, shaping their lives in this moving story. 

Producer María del Carmen Marcos has brought to life many other successful telenovelas in the U.S. and Mexico including La Loba,Entre el Amor y el Deseo, and 
  La Mujer de Judas.  Featuring performances from three television greats – Mauricio IslasPaola Núñez and Margarita Gralia – who are joined by internationally-known actors including Ana La SalviaJuan VidalJavier Gómez, and María Fernanda QuirozDestinomarks a return to traditional telenovelas that have always been a favorite 
 of Spanish-speaking audiences. 

Destino will premiere on Azteca America after the series finale of Hombre Tenías que Ser.  The final episodes of this telenovelastarring Ivonne Montero and Víctor 
González can be seen this week. 

Three stories that will be marked by a shared destiny: Destino, starting Monday, May 26 at 9:00 pm / 8:00 pm CDT

on Azteca America.





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