3:13 pm - Wednesday December 16, 0082

I-70 Shooting Update – 2nd Trooper Revealed

IMPORTANT: Please direct any media requests to the contact above. Do not contact the Garfield County Emergency Communications Center or Patrol staff for media requests.


Trooper Shane Gosnell, a three year veteran of the Colorado State Patrol, has been identified as the second Trooper involved in the shooting that occurred yesterday in Glenwood Canyon.  Trooper Gosnell has served in the 4-C area for his career with the State Patrol.


“Undoubtedly the heroic actions of Trooper Gosnell saved the life of Trooper Hofacker” said Colonel Scott Hernandez, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol. “We are extremely proud of Trooper Gosnell, as well as the other members of the Colorado State Patrol, who acted swiftly when arriving on scene.”


We ask that you please continue to keep Trooper Hofacker and Trooper Gosnell in your thoughts and prayers.


Additionally, media requests have been made regarding the specific injuries that Trooper Hofacker sustained during this incident.  Other than to say that he received gunshot wounds during this altercation, the specifics of his injuries and his medical status are being treated as protected medical information and no further details will be released by the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office at this time.


Further, Sheriff Vallario advises that requests related to the number of rounds fired and the type of weapons involved will be addressed in future press releases, after the forensic analysis, the crime scene investigation and a search of the involved vehicles has been completed.  At that point, we will provide accurate, rather than speculative, information.  We can state that multiple shots were fired by those involved, but we are still in the process of determining the details of this event.

Media Reminder:  Both Trooper Gosnell and Trooper Hofacker are unavailable for interviews.






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