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Face Painting Makes More Than a Great Impression at Your Party‏

Face Painting Makes More Than a Great Impression at Your Party



Kids love having their faces painted.  Everything from a simple design on the cheek at a birthday party to a full facial for Halloween is a lot of fun.


When there are a handful of kids at a small get-together, having someone do a few designs on the kid’s cheeks works well but when you have an event such as a large birthday party, community picnic or family reunion, hiring a professional face painter is the best way to go.


Face painting itself is not a hard thing to do.  Doing it safely, quickly and with great results is what a professional can offer.  Unfortunately many people look at the expense and decide that they can do it themselves or ask someone they know who can draw to do it for them.  Unfortunately, that can turn out to be a disaster.    When your guests look back at some photos, will they see a big mess on their kid’s or a nice design?


What To Do With The Kids® polled a number of face painting professionals from across the United States and Canada and asked them what people should know when booking a professional face painter for their event.  The full report can be found at www.whattodowiththekids.com but a few things to consider are:


Price:  Hiring someone based on the lowest price is not always the best choice.


The artists:  Face painters are artists who work on a moving canvas and the better ones will be able to do great work in a short period of time.  Ask about their training and their experience.


Paint:  Professional face painters only use FDA safety-rated paints that lessen the chance of skin reactions.  Some amateurs may even use house paint.


What type of artwork can they do:   Have they done this before or for the first time?


What equipment is supplied:   Do they have everything including a table and chairs?


You’ll have to consider what ages the kids are, where the face painting will take place and how long do they need to make everyone happy.


Professional face painters want to contribute to the success of your event and will ask you questions and they may make some suggestions that will make your event even better since in most cases, they have attended more of these types of events than you have.


Having a professional face painter working their artistic magic on the kids will bring an extra feeling of excitement to your event.  What To Do With The Kids® has recently created a directory of professional face painters for adults on our website along with directories of clowns, magicians, entertainers and balloon professionals.


Visit the website at www.whattodowiththekids.com to see for yourself.  Afterall, What To Do With The Kids® is the website that adults go to when they want to know what to do with their kids.


For more information contact Brian Presley at brian@whattodowiththekids.com.



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