3:58 am - Wednesday December 13, 2017

Colorado State Patrol and Colorado Parks and Wildlife Kickoff 2nd Annual “Summer of Safety”‏

Coloradoans are urged to enjoy a safe and sober summer as we kick off the season this Friday.  Entering Memorial Day weekend, Colorado State Patrol (CSP) and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) are again teaming for a “Summer of Safety” to discourage residents and visitors from consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a boat or vehicle.

“In 2013, two people lost their lives in boating accidents, down from 9 fatalities in 2012,” said CPW Director Bob Broscheid.  “Increased enforcement and education has played a significant role in diminishing accidents.  We are working everyday to help visitors and residents enjoy Colorado’s outdoor recreation safely so that they can return to play another day.”

The “Summer of Safety” campaign will involve increased enforcement and public education activities by the two state agencies and will be conducted through the Labor Day holiday.

“Nearly two hundred people died in alcohol-related motor-vehicle crashes in 2013,” said Colonel Scott Hernandez, Chief of Colorado State Patrol.  “Our most dangerous season for drunk driving continues to be Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Motorists need to know we will be out in force, finding and arresting impaired drivers who threaten the safety of others.”

Colonel Hernandez and Director Broscheid emphasized how their agencies will be working together throughout the summer to combat the serious public safety issue of impaired driving on our highways and waterways.

All residents and visitors are encouraged to make smart choices and encourage others to do the same when recreating.  Serious injuries and fatalities can be prevented by:

-Remembering that impaired driving is an entirely preventable crime.  Drivers and boat operators must make safe and smart choices and choose not to drink and drive.
-Boating sober – boats take longer to react and the hot sun increases alcohol’s effect on the body
-Always wearing your seatbelt in your car and a life vest when boating.
-Always designating a sober driver/operator, and make smart and safe driving choices that will help you arrive alive and get home safely.


Media representatives are invited to schedule ride-alongs with CSP troopers or CPW boat rangers in advance of the holiday weekend.  Please contact:

Jennifer Churchill (CPW) 303-829-7143

Jeff Goodwin (CSP) 303-239-4577



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