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Becoming a Maverick‏

5 Rules for Becoming an Intellectual Maverick
Life Requires More Than a Whisper of Wisdom, Says Venture Capitalist

No matter how well our lives may be going, many of us seem to be at
our wit’s end when it comes to attaining that next level of success,
but there is a solution to this challenge, says world-traveling
entrepreneur Julian Pencilliah.

Whether we want to improve our relationships, spiritual development,
emotional well-being, health or monetary ambitions, we so often find
that we’re our own greatest enemies, says Pencilliah, author of “The
Jetstream of Success,” (www.thejetstreamofsuccess.com).

“You see it time and time again – individuals rise out of the most
devastating circumstances and transform their lives into greatness,”
he says. “If you’re in a place where you feel that life’s closing in
on you, and you have a pressing urgency to transform your misfortune
into a positive opportunity, then you must embrace the fact that
realizing your potential is a process.”

How does one start this process? Become a student of your own history
and become an intellectual maverick, says Pencilliah, who reviews the
attributes that must be developed to make progress possible.

• Irrevocably change your world. Piece together an ever-fuller
understanding of yourself with the intention of reinventing yourself a
thousand-fold. We should always aim toward exponential achievements,
with the wisdom of knowing that we are not chasing the achievement,
but rather chasing the consciousness of who we need to become in order
to materialize our success.

• Think with sophistication. This is your capacity to become more
strategic in your approach to life. This simply means that you need to
become more process-oriented, rather than goal-oriented. Intelligence
is knowing what’s required of you. Sophisticated thinking is the
process of making successful decisions over a lifetime.

• Exceed probability amplitudes. Achieving success in any arena of
your life is framed within your ability to eliminate innate weaknesses
and biases. History tells us that not all greats have off-the-chart
IQs, nor are they born with limitless freedom. In fact, it’s the
triumph over less-than-favorable circumstances and a determination to
achieve that often builds the character necessary for success. Great
individuals set out to achieve outstanding results, and make their
decisions within intellectual criteria. All the greats have engaged a
higher impulse, a higher bandwidth, and an inherent strength.

• Smile with radiance. Life is beauty in every direction, but we are
often unable to see it if we are too consumed with our lives. The
simple truth is that you can touch more of the beauty of life only by
touching your own beauty. If you look through the lens of love,
gratitude and contribution, then you will be able to see and touch
more of the infinite beauty that makes life on Earth a heaven. Learn
to smile like sunshine every day and brighten up your world.

• Get lucky. “I would love to tell you that your destiny is written
in the stars, but it is actually written within the confines of your
interpretation of life,” Pencilliah says. “Luck has more to do with
self-engagement than any random twist of fate. Be bold and champion
your life to exceed the probability amplitude of any statistic of

We are all endowed with the ability to achieve success in any facet of
our lives; success is framed within the definition of the analytical
tools and emotional disciplines necessary to champion your life
forward, he says.

“Above all, I live by three simple words: compassion, love and
gratitude,” Pencilliah says. “We need to act on these three words
daily. Doing so will irrevocably change your world.”

About Julian Pencilliah

Julian Pencilliah, (www.julianpencilliah.com), is the author of the
new book, The Jetstream of Success, (www.thejetstreamofsuccess.com),
which is an Amazon Top 10 e-book best sellers in the self-help
category. As a venture capitalist, he has taken a bold approach to
life, which includes 20 years of accomplished business acumen. Whether
it’s going face-to-face on a dive with great white sharks in the
depths of the Atlantic, racing Formula One cars throughout the world
or being on a game drive with Virgin billionaire Sir Richard Branson,
Pencilliah’s lifestyle has served as a platform for him to draw
analogies to connect with readers. This allows the reader to stitch
together an ever-fuller understanding of their self, enabling progress
toward their ambitions.

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