3:13 pm - Friday December 18, 5131

Marijuana Concentrate Bill Passes Out of Committee‏

Statement from Michael Elliott, executive director of the Marijuana Industry Group, regarding legislation addressing marijuana concentrates, HB14-1361, which passed today out of the House Committee on Health, Insurance, and Environment.

“HB14-1361 would require that the Colorado Department of Revenue address how much marijuana concentrate can be sold by a licensed marijuana business. While the current law limits sales of marijuana to one ounce, it is silent on how much concentrate can be sold. MIG sent a letter to the Department of Revenue in February asking regulators to address this gap in the law as soon as possible.


“MIG supports robust regulation and consumer safety. This bill further establishes appropriate regulation that will help stop illicit diversion by limiting the amount of concentrate sold to a single individual.


“MIG members support this bill and thank legislators for passing it out of committee. We urge the full legislature to pass this bill and bring clarity to this situation.”


MIG is the largest marijuana trade association in Colorado. Its members advocate for strict regulations that are rigorously enforced. MIG endorsed, and helped fund and run Proposition AA, which allowed further taxation of the marijuana industry.

Remember: it is illegal to use marijuana in public; it is illegal to give or sell marijuana to a minor; it is illegal to sell marijuana without a business license; it is illegal to drive impaired; it is illegal to take marijuana out of Colorado. 



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