3:13 pm - Friday December 17, 5649

FEMA Redefines Floodplains in Manitou Springs

Effective January 17, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) issued a new map of the floodplains effecting Manitou Springs. In general, base flood elevations for properties along Fountain, Ruxton and Sutherland Creeks were lowered, which should positively impact flood insurance rates within the city.


In Early 2013, the City of Manitou Springs together with the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (PPRBD) moved forward with mapping of revised flow rates along Fountain Creek. The recently completed FEMA assessment resulted in a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) for Manitou Springs. The LOMR and resulting map delineates areas that may be affected by flooding and provides “zones” based on the anticipated severity/frequency of flooding. Many properties will see a reduction in the previously designated base flood elevations. The lower flood levels, which result in some properties being removed from the areas anticipated for most severe flooding, should affect flood insurance rates within the city Limits of Manitou Springs.


Property owners are encouraged to educate themselves regarding the floodplains running through Manitou Springs and where their property is located in relation to them. A copy of the LOMR map can be downloaded at the “Floodplain” page of the PPRBD website at:http://www.pprbd.org/flood_files/13-08-0369P_LOMR-fianl_approval.pdf. This information should be discussed with your insurance provider, who can help advise regarding retaining or obtaining a flood policy whether or not the changes impact your property.


Questions? Contact the National Flood Insurance Program Region 8 office at (303) 235-4988 or the PPRBD Floodplain Office at 327-2898 if you need assistance or more information on the new floodplain mapping.



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