3:12 am - Thursday December 14, 2017

ZOÉ Presents “Arrullo de Estrellas”




In the midst of a tour that includes 16 countries and over 80 concerts that started just a few months ago, with more performances being added, Zoé releases an extraordinary animated video today for her second single “Arrullo de Estrellas“, directed by lead singer León Larregui.


The video is a beautiful visual and poetic concept that interprets the lyrics of one of the most beautiful tracks of the fifth studio record by this group, entitled “Prográmaton“. Besides directing it, León LarreguiZoé´s unmistakable and melodious voice, was also in charge of editing as well as the video´s graphic concept and its history. The production was a collaboration with the emerging production company BOICOT, and the art direction and design was provided by the BANG BURO collective.


Produced by Phil Venall, who has worked with other great artists (Placebo, Elastica, Pulp), Prográmaton, already Platinum Album in Mexico, is a record that reaffirms the reasons why Zoé is currently considered to be one of the most important and significant Latin American groups. Their recent tour in the United States with practically all sold out concerts, combined with the tour´s first shows at big sold-out venues throughout Mexico and South America, are signs that Zoé´s ever-increasing success is very firm with every record the group releases and is not subject to fragility that stems from some popular success in the past that has not repeated itself.


A long list of nominations in all categories as well as international awards Zoé has received for their previous 4 records (Zoé, Rocanlover, Memo Rex Commander y El Corazón Atómico de la Vía Láctea and Reptilectric) and their two live productions (281107 and Zoé Música de fondo/MTV Unplugged), are only one part of the group´s biography that started in 1997. From that time on, the band´s evolution has turned them into a permanent presence, not only in their own country but also in the rest of the continent and most recently in Europe. Zoé is undoubtedly the Mexican rock band that has had the biggest international impact in the last few years.


Prográmaton, classified as an excellent record and their most mature and experimental work to date, is a mix of music, lyrics and instrumental talent as well as visual appeal, made posible thanks to León Larregui (vocals, guitar), Sergio Acosta (guitar), Jesús Báez (keyboards), Ángel Mosqueda (bass) and Rodrigo Guardiola (drums). The album was recorded at Sonic Ranch, the world´s largest studio complex located in Tornillo, Texas. The mixing of the album was done by Zoé and Chris Lord-Alge, who has worked with U2, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi as well as tens of other artists.


The Prográmaton tour still has to deliver over 50 confirmed shows this year, and the number of concerts is growing. Among these are performances at the  Festival Vive Latino (March 29), the Festival Estereo Picnic of Bogota Colombia and the 2 performances at the Festival de Coachella on April 13 and 20 at Indio, CA with the participation of  Beck, Lana del Rey, Calvin Harris and Disclosure among other great artists.    


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