11:22 pm - Thursday December 14, 2017

78 cents?! Unacceptable.‏

Colorado women earn just 78% of what their male counterparts make

Colorado women earned 78.3 percent of the earnings of their male counterparts in 2012 — a decline from 2011, according to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report released Tuesday.

The report found that women in Colorado had median weekly earnings of $750, or 78.3 percent of the median $958 that men earned.

The women’s to men’s 2012 earnings ratio in Colorado fell 1.3 percentage points from 2011, and was below the national ratio of women earning 80.9 percent of what men earn.

The ratio of female-to-male earnings in 2012 varied across the nation, ranging from 65.5 percent in Wyoming to 86.8 percent in Arizona. The District of Columbia recorded the highest ratio in 2012 at 94.8 percent.

“The differences among the states reflect, in part, variation in the occupations and industries found in each state and in the age composition of each state’s labor force,” the BLS said.

In Colorado, the ratio of women’s to men’s earnings hit a low of 74.6 percent in 1997. The ratio rose above 80 percent in 2002 and remained there through 2007, but has dipped below that mark in four of the most recent five years.

Among the 50 states, median weekly earnings of women in full-time wage and salary positions in 2012 ranged from $566 in Montana to $868 in Connecticut. States with the highest wages for women were located along the Eastern seaboard.



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