12:52 pm - Friday December 15, 2017

SNL Alum Colin Quinn Will Get Funny and Political at The Fine Arts Center

SNL alum Colin Quinn wonders why there’s no political party for him:  Pro-gay marriage and pro-gun. Pro-choice and pro-death penalty.

“What does that make me? Anti-overcrowding, I suppose.”

But there is a party for Colin Quinn, and you’re invited to it. Colin Quinn Unconstitutional, planned for Friday, Feb. 21, at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, will be a political comedy party. The all-over-the-political-map comedian will take on racial tiptoeing, predator drones, President Obama, George Washington, the Kardashians and 226 years of Constitutional calamities in a stand-up comedy event that will have everybody talking.

The Brooklynite launched to stardom with both hilarious characters and Weekend Update work on Saturday Night Live will press political buttons. No doubt. But it’s hard to stay angry at a guy who admits:  “I don’t even agree with 100% of what I believe in right now!”

Friday, Feb. 21, 7:30p




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