11:11 am - Tuesday December 12, 2017

La Costeña USA Announces Second Annual Partnership with NASCAR Toyota Mexico Series

Local supermarket will host autograph session with Mexico series driver, Freddy Tame, Jr.

Vilore Foods, the domestic division of Mexico’s leading canned food company, has partnered with NASCAR for the return of the Toyota Mexico Series to the Phoenix International Raceway on Feb. 28. The company will kick off the Mexico Series on Wednesday, Feb. 26 at the Food City located at 1450 N. Dysart Avenue, with in-store sampling of La Costeña products and an autograph signing session from 12:30pm to 2:30pm with Freddy Tame, Jr., a member of the La Costeña NASCAR Mexico Racing team.

Tame has an extensive and impressive racing record having claimed two championship titles, one at the Ford Mustang Championship Mexico 2001 and another at 24 Hours of Mexico 1992. In addition to Tame, La Costeña has Carlos Peralta, one of the most renowned driver’s in Mexico’s professional NASCAR circuit as part of its driver roster. Both drivers competed in the 2013 Mexico Series and this year Tame will be driving the #8 and Peralta will be driving the #7.

The Vilore and Toyota Mexico Series partnership stems from last year’s success with Latin and Mexican-American fans. The large attendance and enthusiastic support from this audience prompted an immediate planning phase for the second annual partnership to bring back Mexican racing teams. The emerging interest among the Hispanic fan base is all the more evident this year with NASCAR reporting a significant rise in ticket sales.

“La Costeña is proud to partner with NASCAR and its launch of the Mexico series. This partnership is important to us, as we share some of the same passions as our customers. Great sports, food and community are at the core of what we do,” stated the Vilore Foods Marketing team.

La Costeña’s history in racing began in 1993 and has since participated in about 15 different editions with its first major event being the Pan American race from Tuxtla to Nuevo Laredo, a seven day international level competition. La Costeña received first place overall across four years and also received several second place awards.

Last season’s Toyota Mexico Series marked the first time an international NASCAR-sanctioned tour held a points-driven race in the United States. The series has immense potential to engage and expand its growing fan base by capitalizing on Phoenix’s Hispanic population of approximately two million residents, 91 percent of which are of Mexican origin, according to PEW Research Center.

This year, Toyota Mexico Series makes an even greater milestone by featuring over 30 race cars, with most of the teams traveling in from Mexico City



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