9:33 pm - Monday December 11, 2017

“Pesado” Will Speak To Your Heart




After wrapping up a golden 2013, a year full of celebration in honor of their 20th anniversary, PESADO is more than ready to continue promoting their album “POR TI”  which earned a Gold Record in December.

The second single, “DILE A TU CORAZON“, will be aired on radio stations throughout Mexico and the United States beginning this week. The single is a waltz-like Norteña in the characteristic style of the group that is “worth their weight” and will undoubtedly reach the successful heights of their previous single, “CUANDO ESTAS DE BUENAS“.


In 2014, PESADO will bring multiple musical surprises in store for their audience. In the meantime they will continue to delight their loyal fans who have supported them for well over two decades.  The video for PESADO’s new single, “DILE A TU CORAZON”, will soon be televised as well.

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