12:41 pm - Tuesday December 12, 2017

New Arrivals at the Pueblo Zoo: Porcupettes & Ringtails

 What better way to ring in the New Year than with new arrivals!

A new pair of baby African Crested Porcupines AKA Porcupettes were born during the first week of the new year.   This is the second set of babies born to parents, Lance and Asha, in a year.  The family is very protective and everyone is doing fine. They are on exhibit and available for viewing in the Islands of Life building.


And, as part of our “Cats. Cats! Cats?” exhibit them, the Pueblo Zoo is proud to welcome two new “cat” exhibits – Ringtail Cats and Pallas Cats.  On January 2, the Ringtails moved into their new exhibit in The Woods (the first exhibit as you enter the Zoo). Pixie (female) and Pippin (male) are getting used to their new digs.

Though Ringtails are commonly referred to as “cats” due to their cat-like appearance, they are actually part of the raccoon family.  Other names include:  Ringtailed Cats, Cacomistles, Miner’s Cats, Civet Cats, Coon Cats, Bandtailed Cats, Bassarisk.


The Pallas Cats have arrived at the zoo but are not yet on exhibit as they fulfill their quarantine requirements.


Photos are available at the Pueblo Zoo’s Facebook page.



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