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Health and Wellness Fair, Bindu Body Series, and Upcoming Events‏





Antler’s Hilton Hotel, Downtown Colorado Springs

The Cumulus Health and Wellness 2014 Health Fair will be at Antler’s Hilton Downtown from 9-3pm on Saturday, January 25th!

This is a FREE event with FREE parking (bring your parking ticket with you up to the health fair and they will validate it for you) and open to all ages.
Stop by for FREE health screenings, demonstrations and answers to your questions from leading experts in the medical field.

Kat Tudor will be there demonstrating Spoonk® Accupressure Mats through yoga,and Perri Parkman will be explaining the health benefits of using
the MELT Method® to alleviate body aches and pains.

We hope to see you there!

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Visit our website to see a full schedule of 
classes, workshops, cultural events, and so much more! 

Manitou Yoga Students in 2014, we embrace NEW!

We are so excited to be invited to practice at Bindu a beautiful studio here in Manitou Springs!!! Join your community at Manitou Bindu, 513 Manitou Avenue,  starting January 13th,2014!!

We have practiced all over this town from Kinfolks with Shannon, then City Hall, Venue 515, The Cliff House , Shiva Sia Mandir, Phoenix Yoga Lounge, and of course our favorite: the parks! You all have been constant and forgiving when a last minute move, or change in teacher has occurred, thank you! Some cards will be coming around to sign for the different spaces we have practiced in to thank them for all of their love, acceptance, and support throughout the last 4+ years, please sign at classes. We have evolved from a few students to hundreds of students spanning the country and the globe. Manitou Yoga has become that ripple spanning out touching lives everywhere, and we are still going strong! Thanks to you all.

As a gift to us all, we will have a consistent space – it’s a dream come true for our Yoga Community! Thank you Kat Tudor and Don Goede, and all the teachers at Bindu for sharing your beautiful space with our community! We are excited to yoke our practices with you, unity is what community is all about.. our common- unity is yoga and we are fortunate to be part of this loving accepting community of Yogis and Yoginis!

Things that will not change:

  • We are still donation based please give what you can either dollars (if you have them),  a gift to the teacher, or an act of Seva (selfless service).
  • We will still have all of our amazing teachers
  • Joy will still be Director and Brian will still be Assistant Director
  • We will still have our classes at the same times (as long as people show up)
  • We will still practice in the park in the summer!
  •  We will still have events and special classes like posture clinic..etc
  • You can still wear your pj’s you don’t have to buy fancy pants to practice in this fancy studio….come as you are, we are still Manitou yoga !!
  • Our motto “Creating Community Through Yoga!”

Things that will change:

  • Location 513 Manitou Avenue at Manitou Bindu will be our consistent location
  • We will be using a different email server called constant contact (we will have better access to you all)
  • We will be able to offer a night class and other classes
  • We will have props, blankets, mats etc
  • It is considerably warmer !! ohh yeahh Jan King you’re gonna like it!

Thank you all again for your support and love in continuing this reality of a Yoga community. Join us starting Monday, January 13th at Bindu ! We love you all and are so deeply honored to be part of Manitou Yoga.

Your Manitou Yoga Teachers,

Joy, Brian, Art, Austin, Becky, Georgi

Please call or email with any questions and spread the good word around town 719-641-8325

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This 8 week series is a yogic odyssey traveling from the earth to the sky and throughout the body. Healing from the feet to the crown.

Week One “Grounding”
SATURDAY, January 18th, 2014
Receive the Earth’s energy underfoot. Gain flexibility and strength in the toes, soles and ankles while you learn the foundations of yoga. – through the legs, standing on Mother Earth.

Week Two “A Loving Look at Knees”
SATURDAY, January 25th, 2014
Being truthful and tender with our knees, we’ll look to them to find the truth of alignment, and discover safer, stronger stances in all poses.

Week Three “Fluid Hips”
SATURDAY, February 1st, 2014
Open your hips and you’ll open your mind. Connect to your watery nature and find freedom in your pelvis, psoas, and soul.

Week Four “The Back Body”
SATURDAY, February 8th, 2014
Soothe the sacrum, the hinge between Heaven and Earth, with a back healing sequence and pain relieving stretches. You’re only as old as your spine.

Week Five “Fire in the Belly” 
SATURDAY, February 15th, 2014
Regain your true power at the core. We’ll work with digestion and ego and find out what we can learn from the gut. True strength from the inside out.

Week Six “Free Your Wings”

SATURDAY, February 22nd, 2014
Bring breath into the heart and let go of burdens as you find ease and balance in the upper back and shoulders.
Week Seven “Connecting With Either”
SATURDAY, March 1st, 2014
You have as many muscles in your face as you have in your whole body. Try face yoga! Free up whatever is trapped between your heart and head as we focus on the neck, cranium, and third eye center. Relax the brain.

Week Eight “From Earth to Sky”
SATURDAY, March 8th, 2014
We’ll conclude the Bindu Body series by balancing the energy of all our elements – Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Ether as we practice wellness and bliss from the tips of our toes to the crown of the head.
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