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Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Buell Children’s Museum‏

Follow the yellow brick road to the Buell Children’s Museum

Off to See the Wizards exhibit features art + science

Follow the yellow brick road to the Buell Children’s Museum this winter and spring, and have wicked fun using art to explore science. From January 11-May 31, it’s Off to See the Wizards: Art+Science at the museum, giving Munchkins and adults alike plenty of opportunity to experience an exhibit full of oohs and Oz.

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the movie premiere of The Wizard of Oz , Off to See the Wizards sets the colorful characters of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, the Wicked Witch and more against a backdrop of scientific exploration. Discover the properties of balance, gravity, solids and liquids, nature and more with a fun, “learning to read” literature theme. The program includes One Square Block, a place-based education model connecting people to their environment, Stuffee, the nine-foot-tall soft sculpture doll, who shares his heart (literally) and other vital organs to teach us about good health, plus bugs, plants and animals – oh my!

Along the way, there are a bountiful opportunities to participate in special activities planned to enhance your visit to the museum, including artist-led workshops, living history skits, and the very cool people from Cool Science in Colorado Springs. For example, on Saturday, Jan. 18 from 12-2 pm, artist Cynthia Ramu will help children explore the science of surface tension through the art of marbling on paper, while on Wednesday, Jan. 22 at 9:15 am and 10:15 am, Patti Smithsonian presents hilariously illustrated stories using 8-foot-tall shadow puppets to foster environmental stewardship – perfect for pre-school and kindergarten audiences.

Also premiering this winter/spring are Wonderful Wednesdays!, when the Buell Children’s Museum opens two hours earlier on Wednesdays to give toddlers and preschoolers the chance for more creative play. Wonderful Wednesdays aren’t restricted to our youngest visitors, though – all ages are welcome to join in the fun.

Off to See the Wizards: Art+Science is sponsored by the Jennie & Albert Gersick Foundation and Kaiser Permanente, with support from Xcel Energy, and in cooperation with Pueblo Community College and Cool Science. For more information about the exhibit and special activity days, visit www.sdc-arts.org/buell_current.html or call (719) 295-7200.

The Buell Children’s Museum is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from11 am-4 pm, and Wednesday from 9 am-4 pm. Admission is $3 children/military, $4 for adults, and Arts Center members are always free.


All promotional photos can be found online here: http://www.sdc-arts.org/images/wizards


Here are just a few examples of the interactive fun at Off to See the Wizards: Art+Science

• If I Only Had a Heart…as BIG as Stuffee’s

Stuffee© is a nine-foot-tall teaching toy used to showcase the human body and how it functions. Listen to Stuffee’s heartbeat, take his pulse, and hold soft sculpture reproductions of the heart, lungs, intestine, stomach and other organs. Our friends at Kaiser Permanente are helping by showing how much sugar and fat are in the foods we eat, and recommending how to make better choices to fuel our bodies.

• WAY UP HIGH-There’s a Land that I Heard of: Starship Sensations

Take a spin around the Solar System – ush a button and see a rocket blast off, push another and find out about hot topics, such as the sun. Witness space exploration missions and, find out how scientists created gadgets to explore the universe. It’s science fiction, fact and fun all rolled into one. P.S. Children help create this “out of this world” environment.


Developed by River of Words at the Center for Environmental Literacy at Saint Mary’s College of California, One Square Block is designed to hone students’ skills of observation, critical thinking, and problem-solving, all necessary tools for effective artists and scientists. Guests will explore a single square block in their community and create poetry, art, and reports about what they find there. Each block project will post a detail-rich, standardized “block print” online and compare its block with other blocks from around the world.

• ARTRAGEOUS: Babymouse Mad Scientist /Artist Lab

In partnership with Pueblo Rawlings Library and special thanks to authors Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm. 
Move over Queen of the Field Mice outside of the Emerald City! We’re teaming up with the Library and the Newberry-winning team to bring you BABYMOUSE! Visit Artrageous and try your hand at creating a graphic novel style adventure for this sassy mouse. Creation or invention, a poster, a green amoeba or your own mad, mod, microscopic idea, you’ll love finding out about this bestselling book. Teachers- sign up to meet the author and get an interactive art “edventure” for your classroom, too.

• I’d Like to Welcome You to Munchkin Land: Costumes

You will be popular when you dress up like your favorite characters from The Wizard of Oz. The Lullaby League, the Lollipop Guild, The Mayor, and of course, you-know-who.

• Tornado Twisters

Spin away into the sky! Step inside the Totally Tubular Tornado and the wind will whirl around you. Make your own Twistables tornado replica and try some tricky tongue twisters, too.



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