9:55 am - Wednesday December 13, 2017

Coloradans with Pre-existing Conditions Benefit from Health Coverage

 Last year Vicki Tosher of Englewood paid almost $800 every month for health insurance coverage through the state’s program for people considered uninsurable. The high price was because of two bouts with cancer, and the high premium was making it tough for her to make ends meet. 

This year, because of the Affordable Care Act and its guarantee that insurers can’t deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions or an illness, or charge higher premiums, Tosher pays less than half each month, compared with last year. And when you consider her lower deductible and out-of-pocket maximum …

“If I add all of that up, it will cost me less than my total premium cost from last year. I mean, it’s utterly amazing, so I couldn’t be happier,” she declared.

Tosher and others can sign up for health insurance coverage through the state’s health exchange, Connect for Health Colorado. Tosher already has seen a doctor under her new plan and now says she has greater peace of mind that she will always have access to prevention and proper health screenings.

The ACA is not without critics, with some previously-insured people experiencing changes in their policies and coverage, but for Tosher, the coverage means she will be healthier financially and physically



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