9:01 am - Friday December 15, 2017

Three Ways to Help Your Body Produce More Breast Milk

It’s a common fear of mothers that they will not be able to produce enough milk for their baby. One thing to keep in mind while nursing is that breastfeeding more often will increase your milk supply while supplementing with formula can decrease your supply. If you find that baby is not gaining enough weight and want to increase your milk production, Nicole Zoellner, mom and inventor of popular Nizo Wear nursing bras, shares three tips you can use to help your body produce more milk.

1. Breastfeed often and make sure baby is latching properly

Your body produces more milk as your breasts are stimulated so you should allow your baby to nurse frequently. If baby is not latching correctly, it will be difficult for the milk to effectively be removed from the breasts so your milk supply will decrease. Contact a lactation consultant for help with proper latching technique and in the meantime, express milk after or between feedings in order to maintain your milk supply.

2. Mother’s Milk Tea

Organic Mother’s Milk Tea has traditionally been used to help promote healthy lactation in nursing mothers. It contains herbs like fennel, anise, coriander and fenugreek to support the production of breast milk. The tea works by increasing levels of hormones including prolactin and progesterone that are related to lactation. Drink one cup of tea 3-5 times daily while nursing for best results.

3. Use a breast pump

When you use a breast pump, your breasts will produce more milk. In order to successfully pump, make sure you are relaxed while you pump and massage your breasts. Pump often and drink plenty of fluids to help you stay hydrated. Also be sure you have a good quality pump, which can make all the difference. Try to pump following feedings as often as you can or at least after the first feeding of the day.

If you are concerned that you are not producing enough milk or cannot maintain your milk supply, talk to your doctor or a lactation consultant for help.

Nizo Wear Nursing Bras are not only pretty but are functional to help relieve discomfort moms sometimes feel while breastfeeding. The innovative bra design has a patented pocket that holds a warm or cool compress which can soothe sore nipples. “If mom is comfortable and not feeling discomfort, it’s easier to stick with breastfeeding. Nizo Wear nursing bras are essential for all new moms,” shares Zoellner.

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