11:14 am - Tuesday December 12, 2017

Sony Music Latin premieres video filmed by Marc Anthony’s fans


This innovative and original video

(filmed by Marc Anthony’s fans) was made using

a new video service known as “FanFootage”


Marc Anthony and his record label used

this technology to turn the audience

gathered at his last concert in

Los Ángeles into filmmakers


Sony Music Latin featured a selection

of the best work from 250 pre-selected videos


The exclusive launching by VEVO tomorrow

December 24th will certainly be a

very special present for the

artist’s millions of fans

There are always surprises when dealing with Latin musical icon Marc Anthony and his fans couldn’t be happier with this one.
The record label Sony Music Latin announced the launching of an original video shot by his fans, using “FanFootage,” an innovative and exciting video service taped by the public.
Marc Anthony and his record label, Sony Music Latin, took advantage of this cutting-edge technology to turn the audience into filmmakers. The “studio” was Marc’s last concert in Los Ángeles. The fans filmed “Vivir Mi Vida” (To Live my Life), uploaded their videos and the winners were included in the official edited version.
Sony Music Latin pointed out that they chose the best of the 250 videos that had been pre-selected.
“We are delighted to have worked with Marc Anthony and with the Sony Latin Music team to create this new video. It was a great opportunity for the fans to show their artistic talent and create this video with Marc from their own unique perspective,” said Cathal Furey, FanFootage CEO.
“The FanFootage proprietary technology automatically matchesall the live fan-shot videos with professionally taped audio. The fans can enjoy the performance from different points of view and with awesome sound,” they explained.
On the other hand, Sony Music Latin Senior Director of Digital Strategy and Marketing, Juan Paz explained: “It’s wonderful to get the fans involved in the live show and to let them use their cell phones and cameras for something so creative. The end result clearly conveys Marc’s fans perspective as well as the energy transmitted by him in his live presentations,” he concluded.
The premiere, a VEVO exclusive, will take place tomorrow December 24th. Undoubtedly, this will be a very special present for millions of Marc Anthony fans.



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