7:17 pm - Wednesday December 13, 2017

College Students Have Options for Health Coverage

Thousands of college students are home for the holiday break, but this year many of them have more to discuss with their parents than grades and dorm assignments. Because of the Affordable Care Act, students have more options than ever when it comes to their health coverage, explained Lisa Ritland, field director for the Colorado Public Interest Research Group (CoPIRG).

“We’re encouraging students first just to ask what options are available to them, to really learn what is available through their school, through the marketplace, and if they are qualified for any of the tax credits,” she said.

Many students are eligible for health plans through their universities, parents’ health plans if they’re 26 or younger, and now Colorado’s health exchange. CoPIRG has campus representatives on many college campuses to educate students about their options, or they can also go to ConnectForHealthColorado.com.

According to Ritland, even aside from their being eligible for programs never offered until this year, finding health coverage is “uncharted territory” for most students.

“It’s no surprise that young adults who have never shopped for health insurance before have a lot of questions,” she observed. “For many students they also need to figure out all the terminology and what that means for them.”

As is the case for anyone, Ritland said, asking questions about co-pays, deductibles and in-network doctors is a good way to figure out the best fit for you.



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