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Clerk’s Office Encourages Online Vehicle Registration Renewal Online- Not In-Line‏

Clerk’s Office Encourages Online Vehicle Registration Renewal

Online – Not In-Line


 Looking ahead to a busy holiday season, the Clerk and Recorder’s Office is encouraging residents to use online renewal for motor vehicle registration.


Renewing your registration online is as fast and easy as shopping for presents online.  Just visit the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles website atwww.colorado.gov/renewplates.


“People like the convenience of taking care of business from home, whether it’s renewing their registration or buying a gift,” said Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams. “Why sit in line at the County Motor Vehicle Office – or at your favorite department store – when you have access anytime, any day, to the online system?”


To renew online, all you need is your:

·         license plate number for the vehicle being renewed

·         credit/debit card or checking account information

·         an email address

·         current insurance on file for the vehicle you are renewing

·         if applicable (for diesel vehicles) – emissions test data on file

When the online application is complete, the registration and license plate tab will be mailed to the resident within about 15 days.


The renewal notification card that the Clerk’s Office may send is not needed to renew online.  While the Clerk’s Office is not mandated by law to provide the renewal notice, the cards are sent as a courtesy.  Residents are urged to be aware of the month when their registration is due to expire and renew online.  If you do not receive a renewal card, you still are responsible to renew when due.


There is a “grace period” of one month after the expiration month before late fees are applied.  Online renewal may not be done if a registration has expired.


For those individuals who prefer to mail in their registration renewal, they may follow the directions on the renewal card. If they do not receive a renewal card, contact the County Clerk’s Motor Vehicle Office via email at motorvehicledept@elpasoco.com.


The Clerk and Recorder’s Office anticipates busy days due to increased vehicle sales from the summer and other transactions that can only be done in person.  The Clerk and Recorder’s Office will be closed on November 28/29 and December 24/25, and limited service on December 23 with only Citizens Service Center being open until 3:00 p.m.  The Clerk’s website, http://car.elpasoco.com provides the full schedule of holiday hours for all four office locations, while this link displays office availability and wait times.


More information on motor vehicle registration renewals is available at the Clerk’s website, Motor Vehicle Renewals.



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