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Facebook Launches Dedicated U.S. Hispanic Brand Offer‏

To help clients and agency partners connect with this growing audience, Alexandre Hohagen, Vice President Facebook Latin America, has moved to Miami to assume the additional responsibility for U.S. Hispanic. Christian Martinez, previously Vice President of Network and Interactive Sales at Univision, joined our team to help run ad sales for the U.S. Hispanic market and will also be based in Miami.

Facebook believes that businesses need to constantly think differently on how to connect with all of the people that matter, across all consumer demographics. Did you know that Facebook currently represents one of the largest audiences for Hispanic affinity on any platform? In the U.S. alone, 23 million are active on Facebook every month and also over-index on mobile usage, plus frequency, duration, downloads, and overall engagement. As this online market continues to grow, Facebook will help businesses understand how and offer the tools with which to reach this important audience with flexible, creative campaigns to drive meaningful results.

Marla Skiko, EVP, Director of Digital Innovation, SMG Multicultural stated that “Digital and mobile play such a critical role in the lives of US Hispanic consumers, who want to connect with the people and things that matter to them, on their time, every single day. We want to help our clients connect with the growing, socially savvy Hispanic consumer and enable them to have meaningful, culturally relevant conversations with this audience. We are happy to see Facebook sharpen its focus on the US Hispanic opportunity to help us reach this consumer at scale as well as create engaging experiences on its platform.”

A Few Additional Details:
— The Hispanic online market continues to grow and represents an untapped opportunity for marketers. Facebook is launching a dedicated brand offering to help brands reach people interested in US Hispanic content.

— With 23 million people, Facebook has one of the largest audiences for Hispanic affinity in the US (across US Hispanic television and other US Hispanic digital platforms).
— People in the US Hispanic affinity cluster access Facebook more frequently than the overall US subscriber base.

— For example, 69% of this group was active on Facebook on 6 days out of the last 7 days vs. 62% of all US Users. (Source: Facebook Internal Data, September 2013)

— Members of the US Hispanic affinity cluster are exclusively accessing the platform via mobile at a greater rate than overall US subscriber base. (Source: Facebook Internal Data, September 2013)

— Facebook has opened an office in Miami to serve agencies and advertisers dedicated to reaching users with U.S. Hispanic content

Social Activity (based on the US Hispanic Affinity Group) in the Last 30 Days:
(Source: Facebook Internal User Data based on reported and inferred data. Accessed on September 16th 2013. Indexed against all US users)

— 338.4M Photos Uploaded (1.3x Index)

— 1.1 Billion Comments (1.3x Index)

— 5.83 Billion Likes (1.6x Index)

— 4M Video uploads (1.5x Index)

— 7.6M Check Ins (1.5x Index)

U.S. Hispanic High-level Points (3rd Party Information):
— 53 Million: Hispanics in the US as of July 1, 2012 – US Census 2012 Population Estimates

— 128.8 Million: Expected US Hispanic population by 2060 – US Census Population Projections

— 74.3%: Percentage of population 5+ who spoke Spanish at home in 2011 – US Census Bureau, 2011 American Community Survey

— 68.5%: Hispanic Internet Penetration 2013 – eMarketer Aug. 2013

— 25.8 Million: Hispanic Smartphone Users 2013 – eMarketer Aug. 2013



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