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Enrique Iglesias “Loco”, #1 at radio in the US and PuertoRico for the fourth week‏

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“Loco” debuted #1 in its week of release and has consilidated a top the “Latin Airpla” chart, published by Billboard Magazine. The song is also #1 on MediaBase and Monitor Latino


Enrique has the record for most #1 songs on the “Latin Airplay” charts, for a total of 24. He’s also the artist with the most #1 debuts (3) in history

Asimismo “Loco” ha sido #1 en el listado Latin Pop Airplay por 8 semanas

“Loco” cuenta con la colaboración y producción de Romeo Santos

La canción es el primer sencillo en español del nuevo álbum de Enrique Iglesias que saldrá próximamente a la venta

 After debuting at the number one position on its release week making Enrique Iglesias the artist with the record for the most number one debuts in history (3), “Loco” is #1 on the Latin Airplay chart published by Billboard.


“Loco” is a song written by Enrique Iglesias and Descemer Bueno and produced by Romeo Santos and Carlos Paucar. The song was released internationally on Monday, August 26 and is available now for download on digital stores and mobile phones in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Latin America and Spain.


Enrique Iglesias is the most important Latin artist in the world for over 15 years. He has sold more than 100 million units and has the highest number of #1 songs (24) on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs Chart in history, the most #1 songs on the Billboard Latin Pop Airplay charts (17) and is the male artist with the most #1 songs ont eh Billboard Dance Club Songs chart (12). He has broken countless records, received multiple recognitions and awards and has performed thousands of concerts throughout the world.


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