8:43 pm - Tuesday December 12, 2017

“Go For Sisters” with Edward James Olmos

This week we are highlighting a new movie starring Edward James Olmos: Go For Sisters. Eddie feels this film is one of his best ever and it is by award winning director John Sayles.


Bernice Stokes (LisaGay Hamilton) and Fontayne Gamble (Yolanda Ross) grew up the closest of friends. After high school Bernice got into social services and corrections work, Fontayne just got into trouble. Twenty years later Bernice is assigned as parole officer for Fontayne- just released from prison and fighting a drug habit. But Bernice’s son Rodney (McKinley Belcher III), has gone missing on the Mexican border, his shady partners in hiding or brutally murdered. Fontayne, through a prison girlfriend, enlists Freddy Suárez (Edward James Olmos), a disgraced, near-blind ex-LAPD detective once known as ‘the Terminator’, to help them find Rodney. Outlaws on a noble quest, they are lured into a potentially deadly cat-and-mouse game with mysterious Chinese smugglers.


The movie opens in New York today and will be rolling out in other markets in the upcoming weeks. Here’s where the film will be opening in the next few weeks:


11/8 – NYC – Village East Cinema and AMC Empire 25

(Q&A w/ John Sayles, Edward James Olmos, and Yolonda Ross)

11/15 – Los Angeles – Landmark Nuart Theatre (Q&A w/John Sayles, Edward James Olmos, and LisaGay Hamilton)

11/15 – Columbus, OH – Gateway Film Center

11/22 – Encino, CA – Laemmle Town Center

11/22 – Pasadena, CA – Laemmle Playhouse

11/22 – Boston, MA – Landmark Kendall Square (Q&A w/ JS)

11/29 – Atlanta, GA – Landmark Midtown Art

11/29 – San Diego, CA – Landmark Ken

11/29 – Albuquerque, NM – Guild Cinema

11/29 – Santa Fe, NM – CCA Cinematheque

11/29 – Denver, CO – SIE FilmCenter

11/29 – Lake Worth, FL – Lake Worth Playhouse

12/6 – Minneapolis, MN – Landmark Theater TBD

12/6 – Austin, TX – Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane (Q&A w/John) – date may move

12/13 – Chicago, IL, Gene Siskel Film Center
We’d also like to give a heads up to all of you on a documentary that is screening in Los Angeles this next week:  A Sacred Journey. The film is about the disease ALS that has effected the filmmakers brother. Please consider coming out and supporting this worthwhile effort.


Finally I want to thank Delia de la Vara and the rest of the hard working California NCLR staff for a very productive Fall Affiliate Regional Convening this week in Anaheim. All of your work is appreciated.
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