12:50 pm - Tuesday December 12, 2017

Banda El Recodo Releases Today Their New Album “Haciendo Historia”‏

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The latest musical production by “Banda EL Recodo de  Cruz Lizárraga” goes on sale starting today. In stores and as a digital download.


“Vas A Llorar Por Mi ” is the first single that spearheads this album, which at only seven days since its release has topped Monitor Latino’s Hot Song chart at #1.


After a long wait, today  BANDA EL RECODO DE CRUZ LIZÁRRAGA releases the album titled “Haciendo Historia” (“Making History”), happily surprising an audience that was anxious for this highly anticipated work.


Proud of all the achievements and successes it has accomplished, “The Mother Of All Bands” continues to seek innovation and quality in its musical works, without neglecting the signature style that has allowed it to remain in the audiences favor for more than 7 decades.


“Haciendo Historia” adds to Banda El Recodo’s discography of well over 200 albums, on this occasion audiences can enjoy 13 un-released songs from top composers such as: Horacio Palencia, Luciano Luna, Miguel Ángel Romero, Martín Castro, Hernán Soto, Adrián Pieragostino,  Luis Carlos Monroy, Horacio Ortiz, Juan Jose Leyva,Juan Manuel Báez, Omar Tarazon, Ricardo Orrantía, Jesús Alberto Inzunza, Juan Diego Sandoval, Jerónimo Sada y Luis Siqueiros, in addition to a cover.


Demonstrating once again the professionalism and quality of their work “La Banda El Recodo” releases this new album, a testament of Don Cruz Lizárraga’s legacy that continues to reap success and make history.

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