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The Terrazas Sisters Are Chicas Malas! ( Bad Girls)

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CHICAS MALAS” ( ‘bad girls’) are back! We refer to the new album ofLOS HORÓSCOPOS DE DURANGO , available today in México and the United States.


CHICAS MALAS”  is the group’s third Banda album, in which sisters Vicky and Marisol Terrazas, showcase their gifted vocal abilities in each of the tunes included on this production which is also available in digital format.


International award winning recording artists, LOS HORÓSCOPOS DE DURANGO  are strongly positioned on radio with both singles “NOS ACOSTUMBRAMOS” y “DÉJAME AMARTE.”


The single “NOS ACOSTUMBRAMOS” “(“We Got Used To It”) is a ballad penned by Luciano Luna & America Sierra, while the beautiful song “DEJAME AMARTE”  is penned by Jorge Luis Rivera. These are only two of the 14 songs featured on this album, amongst them the title track “LAS CHICAS MALAS” penned by Vicky Terrazas.


Enthusiastic, as always, this group hopes to meet this new musical challenge, further strengthening  a career in which their audience  has showered them with successes and recognitions. This  week  they are  heading to Miami for a promotional tour, followed by yet more media & radio activities in  México City .

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