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Marco Antonio Solís Presents in México his new record “Gracias Por Estar Aquí”‏

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Received Gold album in US and Puerto Rico, Gold in Mexico y Platinum in Argentina


“Gracias Por Estar Aquí”

Available today in all formats


The legendary Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solís presented his new album “Gracias Por Estar Aquí” during a press conference that took place on the prestigious restaurant “Elago” in Mexico City.


In an unforgettable evening, the press conference where Marco premiered his album “Gracias Por Estar Aqui”, was moderated by renowned journalist and presenter Mara Patricia Castañeda, a celebration that served as a perfect setting for Jesús López (Chairman / CEO Latin America and Iberian Peninsula), to personally present the music star with a Gold record for the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico markets, and a Platinum record for Argentina.



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“Gracias Por Estar Aquí” (Thank you for being here) were the first words Marco Antonio Solís expressed to the media present from Mexico, United States, Latin America and Spain, he thanked the press for their constant support during his long musical career. The evening ended with a firework show that gave the night a special touch.


With more than 35 years of career and sales of more than 20 million albums, the charismatic artist presents “GRACIAS POR ESTAR AQUÍ”, available today in all formats. This new album was recorded in Italy and United States, produced and composed by him.



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