8:43 am - Tuesday December 12, 2017

Machete Kills

robert rodriguez’s
machete kills
the original motion picture soundtrack
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featuring music by
robert rodriguez
carl thiel
rick del castillo
tito & tarantula
brian ramos [master blaster sound system]
film opens this friday, oct 11
machete kills

The MACHETE KILLS original soundtrack showcases a broad range of musical styles that perfectly complement the film’s action and characters.Soundtrack highlights are: the new Chingon song written by Robert Rodriguezentitled “They Call Him Machete”, and the song “Telele” by

Brian J. Ramos, lead singer for Texas collective Master Blaster Sound System.

Rodriguez co-penned several of the pieces with Austin composer Carl Thiel(the pair worked on the original MACHETE), including “MACHETE KILLS MAIN TITLES” and “MACHETE LIVES.” Thiel and Rick Del Castillo, of the award-winning Austin band Del Castillo, team up for the sinister instrumentals “Chick Fight”and “Miss San Antonio,” and L.A. punk/New Wave veterans Tito Larriva andSteve Hufsteter collaborate with Rodriguez on “MACHETE END TITLES.” The latter track is performed by Tito & Tarantula, while the album-closing “El Rey” is a live performance by Rodriguez’s own band, Chingon.

Robert Rodriguez’s Chingon was initially conceived as a fun one-off project amongst Rodriguez and his musical compatriots.  It’s now become the visceral go-to musical reservoir for the MACHETE movie series, and is also can be heard in soundtracks to SIN CITY, PLANET TERROR and KILL BILL 2. The band has a full- length album entitled MEXICAN SPAGHETTI WESTERN.



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