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LA ARROLLADORA Undeniable Success

la arrolladora



*15th Week at #1

*Launch of digital Application

*To perform at Arena Monterrey in México


The success of LA ARROLLADORA BANDA EL LIMÓN DE RENÉ CAMACHO is undeniable, as the band finds itself at the top for the 15th consecutive week, taking the #1spot on the radio charts with their song “EL RUIDO DE TUS ZAPATOS” (“The noise of your shoes”.)


Today, the Billboard Regional Mexican chart shows “EL RUIDO DE TUS ZAPATOS” as #1 in the USA once again. The ballad’s video off their album “GRACIAS POR CREER” is a cut so enticing that it has surpassed 17 million views on vevo.com, positioning itself for more than three months in the place of honor at radio, exceeding expectations and placing the band as the most influential in its genre.


LA ARROLLADORA BANDA EL LIMÓN know their success is due to their fans’ loyal commitment throughout their career, for which making contact with them is essential. Technology represents an important resource to reach out to their fans, therefore the launch of their free Application via iTunes and Google Play.


On this application, fans will have easy access to band information such as: biography, details of its members, direct access to Facebook and Twitter, news, videos, tours, promotions, and much more.  In addition, to easy access to purchase their music via iTunes, concert tickets and if that wasn’t enough, now they can listen to their music 24 hours a day via their official built in radio station www.radioarrolladora.comthat appears automatically upon accessing the application.


LA ARROLLADORA‘s will perform in one of the most important venues in Mexico, Arena Monterrey on November 9, 2013. The band is preparing an outstanding show full of high end technology in audio and lighting something completely different from their most recent concert performances


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