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Chuy Lizárraga Clandestine Relationship “RELACIÓN CLANDESTINA”

clandestine relationship” (“Relación clandestina”)  is what CHUY LIZÁRRAGA is offering to his audience for the first single off his forthcoming new album.


“Relación Clandestina” is the title of the single recently released to radio and on sale in digital portals. This song is sure to cause uproar since, this time, he sings to that forbidden relationship, the one with a woman who belongs to another man, but who does not get the pleasure that she needs and ends up finding a lover with whom she pretends to be a friend.


In each verse of the song, you will discover CHUY LIZÁRRAGA’s unique style, which once again will leave its mark on each of the interpreter’s tunes, with the rhythm and the inspiring touch of the Mexican singer/songwriter Espinoza Paz, who has already written songs for CHUY LIZÁRRAGA that have become a success, “Relación Clandestina” will be no exception.


“Te quiero hacer el amor, pero cierra la cortina

No podemos presumir la relación clandestina,

Quiero quitarte el sostén con la fuerza de mis dientes

Si te gusta la función disfrútala y no la cuentes…


Te quiero hacer el amor de diferente manera

ya no preguntes por qué, no ando con una soltera

sólo quería rescatar, a una mujer olvidada,

la que se quejó de que,

la que me buscó porque… su vato no la tocaba…”


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