3:13 pm - Thursday December 16, 8686

Temporary Long Wait Times at DMV Offices

Customers needing vehicle registrations, driver’s license renewals, or recording transactions likely will contend with unusually long waiting times this week, and the trend likely will continue until after the Senate District 11 Recall Election.  The average wait time for 2013 is less than 25 minutes, but there is a perfect storm of factors: increased vehicle sales, the beginning of the month, coming off the long holiday weekend, the conversion of two Motor Vehicle offices to Voter Service and Polling Centers for the election, and the increased election training for staff being temporarily reassigned to election duties necessitated by requirements of newly passed election laws.


The Clerk and Recorder’s Office has some tips for avoiding the temporary long waiting times:

1.      Wait-Times Available Online:  Check wait-times at all four Motor Vehicle Offices by clicking this link.  This site gives you real time updates as to the wait-times at each of the four Motor Vehicle Offices.

2.      Online Transactions:  If you have a vehicle registration renewal, please consider renewing your registration online.  Instructions for online registration are on the Registration Renewal Reminder Card sent in the mail.

3.      Come Later in the Month: If your registration is not due, consider waiting until after September 12th.


“We regret the inconvenience the long wait times are causing the citizens of El Paso County,” said Wayne Williams, Clerk and Recorder.  “However, I am optimistic that this is a temporary issue that will resolve itself by mid-September.”



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