9:33 pm - Wednesday December 13, 2017

Los Tweens & Teens Partner with Ford Motor Company to bring Multicultural STEM-Related Series

Los Tweens & Teens (http://www.LosTweens.com) – a bilingual parenting resource blog for multicultural parents of tweens and teens (kids between 7-16) has partnered with Ford Motor Company to publish an important series regarding how parents can inspire a love for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in their young girls.

Celebrate Education/Educación (#CelebrateEdu) shares advice and features positive role models to encourage educational and extra-curricular achievements.

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, 81% of girls find careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) interesting yet only 13% say it’s their first career choice. This number is even less for Hispanic girls who have a high interest but fewer supporters, less exposure and lower academic achievement than their counterparts.

Los Tweens’ #CelebrateEdu is working to change these numbers by sharing with Latino and multicultural parents, stories about women actually working in STEM-related fields. The ages between 7 and 12 are some of the most crucial developmental years and can determine a child’s educational future in many ways. Content is focused on driving simple ideas to help multicultural parents encourage, develop and embrace education from a variety of angles.

The series became of interest to Ford Motor Company as they employ many women in key fields of research, design and marketing. Los Tweens interviewed female Ford staff and engineers to understand what factors motivated them to pursue their current career path, their role models, inspirations and tips for future generations.

“As Girl Scout Troop Leaders we know the importance of motivating girls early on. We were very excited when Ford supported our goal of encouraging and inspiring parents to develop their child’s interests in STEM,” said Cristy Clavijo-Kish and Katherine Doble-Cannata, publishers of Los Tweens & Teens.

Key insights from the series have indicated that the featured women had strong parental figures that didn’t adhere to tradition gender stereotypes and helped them spend time in math and science competitions, school clubs and were constantly challenged to do their best work.

“Education is key to the success of our Hispanic community,” says Alvaro Cabal, Ford Motor Company multicultural communications manager. “Parents who inspire, share advice and provide positive role models to our youth offer perfect encouragement for educational and extra-curricular achievements.”

As Los Tweens enters its third year, the blog is continuing to flourish and create content that supports Latino and multicultural parents to understand the unique issues surrounding this age phase and how to motivate their kids to achieve their best success.

Already live is the My.LosTweens.com community, the spot where the tweens themselves can create their own content. Following government Internet rules and guidance for parental consent and involvement, the new platform was built so kids across the globe can share their own insights and reporting. The My.LosTweens.com site is building a “national tween reporters board” and more details regarding how to apply will be released by summer’s end.



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