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JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE chases a new version of the American dream inRUNNER RUNNER – In theaters October 4th!‏

Justin Timberlake 

Chases a New Version of 

the American Dream: 

Easy, Instant and Limitless Wealth



in theaters

October 4


Justin Timberlake plays Princeton grad student, Richie Furst in the upcoming 20th Century Fox film RUNNER RUNNER, opposite Ben Affleck and Gemma Arterton. Richie is chasing a new version of the American dream: easy, instant and limitless wealth.  Once on the Wall Street fast track, Richie lost everything when the market crashed and is now starting over, hustling his way through graduate school.  After being cheated by an online gambling site and watching his tuition money disappear, Richie flies to Costa Rica to confront the gambling legend behind the site: Ivan Block (Ben Affleck.)


In today’s post-economic-meltdown world, young people have fewer job options than ever before. But that hasn’t done anything to affect their desire to get-rich-quickly.  This generation – consumers from early childhood – is used to getting what they want, when they want it, with the click of a mouse.


In this regard, RUNNER RUNNER is a cautionary tale about the dangers of easy money and unchecked ambition.


The lavish life of RUNNER RUNNER’s gambling kingpin Ivan Block is what RUNNER RUNNER director Brad Furman calls, “the new American dream.”  He elaborates:  “Technology has led us to a world where everything comes very quickly, which has expedited this concept of the American dream.  Young people today want everything faster – especially money.”


Justin Timberlake concurs with Furman’s assessment of the American dream on steroids:  “The American dream used to be about being rich and famous, but now it’s to become rich and famous – as quickly as possible.  The more access we have to things, the faster we want them.  Just touch a button and you can have almost anything shipped to you.”


“Today, people don’t want to own a Cadillac; they want to invent their own car,” Timberlake continues. “A generation of young people wants to start their own galaxy of entrepreneurial activities. People are constantly trying to reinvent the wheel, and things are moving at warp speed. It’s cutthroat.  It’s very cerebral and less about integrity, pride or honor, or any moral values.”


Timberlake describes his character’s descent: “Richie is a good guy in the wrong place, trying to do the right thing.  He’s constantly trying to hold on to his morals.  Richie is a dreamer and an idealist who makes an honest mistake and must figure out how he’s going to get out of it.”


Runner Runner in theaters October 4th. 



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