10:12 am - Thursday December 14, 2017

Clerk and Recorder Office Urges Voters to Check Mailing Information Ahead of Senate District 11 Recall Election

As the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office finalizes the preparation of mail ballots ahead of the Senate District 11 Recall Election, Wayne Williams has a reminder to voters: please check your address by going to www.GoVoteColorado.com.


Each election thousands of ballots are returned to the Clerk and Recorder’s Office as undeliverable by the Postal Service.    Many of those returned ballots occurred because voters did not update their mailing address on their voter registration file.  “Every eligible voter in Senate District 11 will have a ballot mailed to them based on the address on their voter registration file,” stated Wayne Williams.  “We understand that people move frequently so it’s important to check your voter registration file and verify that your address is up to date before ballots are mailed.”


Williams continued by saying that address updating services don’t guarantee voter registration changes, such as a Postal Service change of address notification.  The best way for a voter to change their file is to visit www.GoVoteColorado.com.  “If you’ve moved, please update your information to ensure you get your ballot in a timely manner.  The Post Office will not forward a ballot even if it goes to your previous address and you have a forwarding service,” concluded Williams.


The website www.GoVoteColorado.com is an extension of the Secretary of State and services all voters in the state of Colorado.



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