3:13 pm - Tuesday December 18, 2801

USAonRace.com Has a New Design and Focus, Solely Covering Race-Related News and Events

“Covering only news and events about race, racism, and discrimination as they occur, with in-depth, first-hand expert analysis”


USAonRace.com has a new design and focus that is dedicated solely to covering, daily, race-related news and events across the United States and around the world.


The new site has contributing writers that represent the racial and ethnic diversity that make up America, covering race-related issues and opportunities where people live, work and play. The various departments – Featured Stories, All About Family, Stereotypes and Labels, Sticky Wicket Questions, Setting It Straight, Common Ties that Bind, the Welcoming Table, and Eyes on the Enterprise – address timely topics across racial and ethnic groups.


Whether it is the George Zimmerman trial, Paula Deen using the “N” word, or ethnic and sectarian conflict between Muslims, Arabs and Jews in other parts of the world, race, racial tension, racism, and discrimination still present major challenges in contemporary society. The new design and focus make USAonRace.com a website apart. In addition to covering the events that make national and international news, there is also coverage of the effects of racism and racial tension in people’s daily lives.


The new design, focus, and content at USAonRace.com provide a comprehensive and convenient way to stay informed as race-related news and events unfold not only in one’s neighborhood, community, and city, but across the United States and the world. Behind the Race Relations News tab, you will find those news areas conveniently organized and updated on a daily basis as news occurs, and much more-all in one place. Subjects like Race and Politics, Race and Religion, Race and Business, Race and Education, Race and Entertainment, and Race and Justice are covered daily. Race Relations News also provides local, regional, national and global references and resources.


USAonRace.com has a new design and focus, solely dedicated to covering race-related news and events across the United States and around the world, daily. To address race, racial tension, racism and discrimination, USAonRace.com is a reliable resource. Add it to the list of Favorite sites to visit.



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