3:22 am - Friday December 15, 2017

Peter La Anguila, The Hispanic Teen King Of Youtube, Launches His Newvideo “El Ritmo Pakatum” On Nuevon

peter la anguila

Peter La Anguila, the famous young King of YouTube™ launched his new video “El Ritmo Pakatum” exclusively on NuevOn. His exclusive and anticipated musical video is headed to become another viral sensation as well as a trending topic.

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Peter La Anguila is a cuban-american 6’4 reggaetoner who was last years’ YouTube™ musical revelation with his viral video “El Estilo de Peter La Anguila” now reaching over 40 million views. With his braces, sympathy and his original dance moves and choreography that emulate an “Anguila” (Eel) this tall and thin comedian teenager created  a character bound to success. He has achieved over 100 million views on his social media profiles and appeared on top-tier radio and primetime shows.

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Peter La Anguila is a product created by Pichy Boys, producers and comedy masters on several Spanish language shows in the US. Alejandro González and Maikel Rodriguez started parodying their favorite films on YouTube™ gathering millions of followers on their Social Media platforms. After being invited to El Zol’s  “El Vacilón de la Mañana” which catapulted them into fame within the Florida crowd. Now they continue their journey in America TV and have joined the #1 original YouTube™ Channel NuevOn for this Peter la Anguila release and other shows geared to young Hispanics.

The new video of “EL RITMO PAKATUM” was just released on NuevOn and will be followed by the new season of La Neta De Los Sexos, starring Peter la Anguila.

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