6:31 pm - Friday December 15, 2017

Lamborn Reintroduces Bill to Defund National Public Radio

Offers Bill to Protect Taxpayers from Subsidizing Lavish New Digs

Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05) reintroduced legislation today to eliminate federal funding for National Public Radio. The bill contains identical language to a bill that passed the House in March, 2011.

“At a time when millions of federal works are being furloughed, school children are barred from visiting the White House, and many military training flights are grounded all to save money, it is unacceptable that taxpayers are still on the hook for millions of dollars each year to subsidize National Public Radio.

“Additionally, it was highly inappropriate for NPR to move into a lavish new headquarters building partly paid for by taxpayers, many of whom continue to struggle under the worst economy since the Great Depression.” — Doug Lamborn (CO-05)

Note: For fiscal year 2010, NPR received $56 million in indirect funds and $5 million in direct funds from federal taxpayers.

Background: The original purpose of federal funding for CPB, established in 1967, is no longer relevant. The intent of federally funded public broadcasting was to make “telecommunications services available to all citizens of the United States.” In a world of 500-channel cable TV, streaming radio over the Internet, and cellphone Internet access, government-funded broadcasting is completely unnecessary. The government has no business being a broadcaster, especially when there is a thriving private market.

Washington Post: NPR’s new headquarters refuels funding debate



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