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Lamborn Calls for End to DoD Furloughs‏

DoD Grants Furlough Exemptions for Fire Victims

Lamborn Calls for End to Civilian DoD Furloughs

Also Introduces Amendment to Defense Funding Bill to Stop Furloughs

Following a request from Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05), the Department of Defense today said it will grant furlough waivers to individuals directly affected by the recent Black Forest wildfire in Colorado. Lamborn made the request in the days following the deadly fire and today got a letter from the acting undersecretary of defense in response.

The acting undersecretary said that military commanders will work with affected individuals to grant the exemptions.

“I am pleased the Department of Defense has agreed to my request and will protect families and individuals who in some cases may have lost everything in the Black Forest fire. These families are suffering enough. However, I would like all furloughed employees to be granted a similar exemption — permanently — from sequestration related furloughs.” – Doug Lamborn (CO-05)

In an additional effort to protect civilian workers from DoD furloughs, this week Lamborn introduced an amendment to the FY 2014 Defense Appropriations Act that would prohibit the Department of Defense from any future sequestration-related furloughs. The defense spending bill, H.R.2397, is expected to be taken up on the House Floor later this week.

“These sequestration furloughs are unnecessary and I believe an attempt by the Obama Administration to inflict maximum pain in order to gain some perceived political advantage. My amendment would prohibit the Department of Defense from doing any more sequestration furloughs after October 1 of this year. The nation’s budget problems would be better addressed by making modest reforms to our massive entitlement programs, not by cutting the pay of hard working, middle class Americans who are strengthening our nation’s defense.” — Doug Lamborn (CO-05)


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