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LA ARROLLADORA In the number one spot for the third consecutive week with “El ruido de tus zapatos”

la arrolladora

*”GRACIAS POR CREER” for pre-order in iTunes tomorrow


The success of LA ARROLLADORA BANDA EL LIMON DE RENE CAMACHO is undeniable, as the band finds itself at the top for the third consecutive week, taking the number one spot in the radio charts with their song “El ruido de tus zapatos”.


Today, the Billboard Regional Mexican chart shows “El ruido de tus zapatos” as #1 in the USA once again. This ballad written by Espinoza Paz has conquered the hearts of fans in Mexico and the United States, quickly turning into an anthem for its thousands of listeners.


“El ruido de tus zapatos” is the first single that LA ARROLLADORA is promoting from its new musical production and it is also among the top selling titles on iTunes, the digital musical portal through which the public will be exclusively able to pre-order the new song “GRACIAS POR CREER” tomorrow.


“El ruido de tus zapatos” also has its own video, a cut so enticing that in just its first week of release, it surpassed one million views on vevo.com …and counting!


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