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LA ARROLLADORA At the top of the radio charts for two consecutive weeks with their single “El ruido de tus zapatos”

la arrolladora



There is no doubt, they are the best… the #1. LA ARROLLADORA BANDA EL LIMON DE RENE CAMACHO, is once again at the top of the radio charts for two consecutive weeks with their single “El ruido de tus zapatos”.


As of today, “El ruido de tus zapatos” continues its position as #1 in the Billboard’s Regional Mexican chart in the United States.  This ballad, written by Espinoza Paz, has captured the audiences in Mexico and United States making it a fan’s favorite.


“El ruido de tus zapatos”, first single off of their upcoming album “GRACIAS POR CREER”, is also at the top of selling singles in iTunes.


Today, July 8th, will be the international premiere of the video “El ruido de tus zapatos”,  fans can also enjoy the “behind the scenes” by clicking this link:




For more information on La Arrolladora Banda El Limon De Rene Camacho visit:





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