3:13 pm - Friday December 18, 8212

Jordan-Marcos, The Agency (La Agencia), les anuncia el lanzamiento deRice con Beans (MSN-Latinzine)‏

jordan marcos


The interactive blog published on MSN’S Latinzine, featuring the enchanting wit of its author, Aymara Calvos, and the gusto of her fun-filled, no-sweat cooking tricks and Latino twist to classic recipes. Her posts figure among Latinzine’s most shared articles and delight culinary enthusiasts around the world. Adding a touch of her own special salsa, the author has decided to include interviews with world renowned artists, writers, and other personalities, who share their own, or family recipes, with their fans.
“I am very excited to introduce to you this magnificent opportunity Latinzine has given me: my very own MSN blog!, expresses the author, adding “and I am walking through this door hand in hand with a glory of Cuban music and world arts: Luisa Maria Guell. I recently had the pleasure of having a small chat with Luisa Maria and as she so graciously puts it frijoles negros and arroz blanco – name of one of her 28 recording productions – is that dish that transports you back home, no matter where you are…”
Jordan-Marcos, The Agency (La Agencia) hereby informs all television, radio, written media, artists and publicists, that we welcome all collaborations and requests to include that special recipe of your favorite star.  All requests should be submitted in writing to riceconbeans@jordanmarcos.com.
Mariori de Marcos, president of Jordan-Marcos, The Agency adds: “Today marks the beginning of a very special interactive blog published by one of the most important portals in the net, MSN’s Latinzine, a cultural experience in its own. We are honored to represent the author of “Rice con Beans”, a feast in the written word and cuisine with a Latin twist. Do your thing, Aymara!”



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