3:31 pm - Monday December 18, 2017

Holy Father Pope Francis on Gay People: ‘Who am I to Judge?’‏

Holy Father Pope Francis on Gay People: ‘Who am I to Judge?’

Pope also calls for greater inclusion for women; Catholics United responds 

Media outlets around the world are reporting on Pope Francis’ declaration that gay people who seek holiness, including priests, should be accepted with love and compassion:

“If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge them?” the pope said. “You can’t marginalize these people.”

The pontiff went on to call for a greater role for women’s leadership in the Church, though he stopped short of allowing for women’s ordination.

Catholics United’s Executive Director James Salt made the following statement in response to Pope Francis’ comments.

“On the way home from World Youth Day in Brazil, the pope made comments that speak to what every young person knows: God loves gay people, and so should the Catholic Church. Pope Francis’ call for the acceptance of gay priests is a direct repudiation of the backward beliefs of many ultra-conservative ideologues in the Church. For years, there has been a crisis of leadership in the faith, with members of the hierarchy promoting highly misplaced priorities. This statement on gay people, while largely symbolic, is a big step in the right way.”

While Pope Francis has drastically shifted the moral priorities of the Vatican, Salt said more still needs to be done regarding the role of women in the Church.

“For many progressive Catholics, the treatment of women will be a defining measure of his pontificate,” Salt said. “While we are heartened by his comments celebrating the role of women in the Church, we hope and pray that he backs his words up with meaningful reform.”

Salt is available for comment upon request.

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