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Clerk and Recorder’s Office Prepares for Senate District 11 RecallElection‏

Clerk and Recorder’s Office Prepares for

Senate District 11 Recall Election


[Colorado Springs, Colo. – July 18, 2013] Following a ruling by 2nd Judicial District Court Chief Judge Robert S. Hyatt sustaining the sufficiency of the petitions filed to recall Senate President John Morse, the Clerk and Recorder’s Office is preparing for a September Recall Election.  The Clerk and Recorder’s Office had filed a Motion to Intervene in the case Kleinsmith v. Gessler, Hickenlooper, et al in order to have an election date set without further delay.


The State Constitution mandates that the Governor set the date for a Recall Election immediately upon notice that the petitions are deemed sufficient.  In his decision today Judge Robert S. Hyatt ruled that the petitions are now deemed sufficient and that the Governor may now set a date.  Pending other court intervention, the recall election must occur within the next 30-60 days.


“We are grateful to the court for their decision that sets the expectation that the Governor establish a date for the Senate District 11 Recall Election as soon as possible,” said Wayne Williams, Clerk and Recorder.  “The court expedited the legal process, which is much appreciated, and the ruling reinforces the urgency of this matter.”


Williams had sought to have a date set for the Recall Election in order that his office could meet statutory deadlines for preparing and mailing ballots for the election.  Those deadlines included mailing ballots to voters 18-22 days prior to the election, and mailing to military and overseas personnel even earlier.


Immediately following the ruling Clerk and Recorder Williams met with representatives from the Governor’s office to discuss the setting of the Recall Election date.  Clerk and Recorder Williams requested that the Governor choose Tuesday, September 10 as the Recall Election date as it would provide more time for deployed service members to vote while avoiding the Labor Day weekend.  The Pueblo Clerk and Recorder’s Office has similarly requested the September 10 date for their recall election.


“Once the Governor officially sets the date, our office will have the ability to proceed and we will complete all the necessary procedures for the election,” said Williams.  “We want to guarantee that every legal voter in Senate District 11 has a full opportunity to exercise their right to participate in the democratic process.”




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