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Swimmers finish strong at 2013 eSynchro U.S. Age Group Championships

 Indy, Riverside, Walnut Creek and Santa Clara win team titles  


 The host Riverside Aquettes, Walnut Creek Aquanuts, Santa Clara Aquamaids and Indy Synchro swam to team titles over the past week as nearly 1,000 athletes competed at the 2013 eSynchro U.S. Age Group Synchronized Swimming Championships in Riverside, Calif., which ended Saturday night.

Swimmers vied for solo, duet, trio and team titles in four age groups (11-12, 13-15, 16-17, 18-19) at the Riverside Aquatics Complex as part of the world’s largest synchronized swimming competition.


On Saturday, Indy Synchro swimmers won the duet, trio and team events in the 18-19 age group, led by Jessica Giannuzzi,Victoria Baron and Noelle St. John, who each earned three gold medals. Baron and St. John won duet, and Giannuzzi joined them to take trio and team.


Carrie Hartnett of the Flagler County Belles won solo with 140.590 points, followed by Giannuzzi (140.479) and Jannel Diaz of the Palm Beach Coralytes (140.107).


Baron and St. John scored 142.599 points to win the duet. Tucson Synchro’s Alexa Stallworth and Ayla Stallworth finished second at 140.462, and Diaz and Mackenzie Stoner (139.604) were third.


In the trio competition, Baron, Giannuzzi and St. John scored 142.892 points to earn gold.Shea RamseyAndreina Rojas and Rachel Waren (139.408) of the La Mirada Aquabelles took silver, and Flagler County’s Hartnett, Emily Petkovsek and Alexis Solomon (137.480) earned bronze.


Indy Synchro won team, followed by the Cincinnati Synchrogators and Tucson Synchro.


16-17 Age Group

New Canaan’s Emily Roney won three medals and the host Riverside Aquettes won the team event in the 16-17 age group.


Minnesota Synchronettes’ Amanda Urke won gold in solo (142.804 points) and teamed with Madeline Carlson to win silver in the duet (138.470). Tucson Synchro’s Ayla Stallworth (141.214) earned silver in solo and the New Canaan Y Aquianas’ Roney (140.074) took bronze.


Emma Burns and Hannah Halverson (138.703) of the Nevada Desert Mermaids won the duet, and the Cincinnati Synchrogators’ Emily Rivard and Elizabeth Walsh (137.584) were third.


New Canaan’s Roney, Renee Collett and Erin Wheeler won the trio event with 139.297 points. Scottsdale Arizona’s Emma KarPaulina Montano and Sydney Schmisseur(137.821) were second, and Sarah BrillAlexandra McGee and Natalie Vega (136.690) of the Tonawanda Aquettes were third.


The host Riverside Aquettes won the team event with 138.964 points, edging Scottsdale Arizona (138.944). New Canaan (137.657) was third.


13-15 Age Group

The Walnut Creek Aquanuts won duet, trio and team to take control in the 13-15 age group. Dana Drury helped lead the way with three golds.


Olivia Ekberg of the Arizona Desert Dolphins won gold in solo (149.701), while Arina Yu(144.771) of the La Mirada Aquabelles took silver and the Riverside Aquettes’ Catalina Nedelcu (144.363) grabbed bronze.


Walnut Creek’s Drury and Natalie Fletcher (145.702) won the duet, followed by two Santa Clara duos: Celine Joo and Leilah Talukder (143.929), and Rachel Lau and Jacklyn Ha Luu(142.258).


Drury teamed up with Lauren Simonelli and Daria Torba to win trio at 144.399. Lau, Lu and Karen Li (143.368) won silver while Riverside’s Nedelcu, Taylor Fair and Nicole Salazar (141.240) took bronze.


Walnut Creek teams finished first and third in the team event, and Santa Clara was second.


Drury, Ekberg, Fletcher, Joo, Lau, Luu, Nedelcu, Talukder, Torba and Yu are members of the U.S. 13-15 National Team.


11-12 Age Group

Santa Clara dominated the 11-12 division, sweeping the duet medals and also winning gold in trio and team. The Aquamaids’ Hailee Ana HeinrichChesnie CheungColleen Liand Kate Chow each won three medals.


La Mirada Aquabelles’ Aivan Nguyen picked up gold in solo with a 133.340 score, followed by ANA Synchro’s Lindi Schroeder (131.130) and Santa Clara’s Heinrich (130.366).


The Aquamaids went 1-2-3 in the duet, with Heinrich teaming up with Li to post a 129.242. Teammates Cheung and Kaitlyn Hoang (128.091) won silver, and Chow and Celine Wang(124.612) took bronze.


Santa Clara’s Audrey Nguyen, Cheung and Li won the trio competition (127.878). Coral Springs Aquacades’ Lorens CarrasquilloFabiana Pina and Daniella Ramirez (124.087) were second, and Santa Clara’s Jenna LatchfordGeorgia Wookey and Chow (123.949) finished third.


Santa Clara squads won gold and silver in the team event, and the Coral Springs Aquacades earned bronze.


Cheung, Chow, Heinrich, Hoang, Li, Aivan Nguyen, Audrey Nguyen, Schroeder and Wang are members of the U.S. 12 & Under National Team.


Full results from the 2013 eSynchro U.S. Age Group Synchronized Swimming Championships can be found at http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Synchronized-Swimming/Events/2013/June/21/2013-eSynchro-Age-Group-National-Championships


18-19 Age Group

Top 3 results


1. Carrie Hartnett, Flagler County Belles, 140.590

2. Jessica Giannuzzi, Indy Synchro, 140.479

3. Jannel Diaz, Palm Beach Coralytes, 140.107


1. Victoria Baron, Noelle St. John, Jessica Giannuzzi (alternate), Indy Synchro, 142.599

2. Alexa Stallworth, Ayla Stallworth, Tucson Synchro, 140.462

3. Jannel Diaz, Mackenzie Stoner, Palm Beach Coralytes, 139.604


1. Victoria Baron, Jessica Giannuzzi, Noelle St. John, Lysny Woodahl (alternate), Indy Synchro, 142.892

2. Shea Ramsey, Andreina Rojas, Rachel Waren, La Mirada Aquabelles, 139.408

3. Carrie Hartnett, Emily Petkovsek, Alexis Solomon, Flagler County Belles, 137.480


1. Indy Synchro: Victoria Baron, Emily Ellis Berend, Jessica Giannuzzi, Laura Hinshaw, Grace Minkis, Bailey Prather, Noelle St. John, Lysny Woodahl, Liza Cohen (alternate), 142.144

2. Cincinnati Synchrogators: Alexa Barrett, Quinn Connor, Rachel Handleton, Jacqueline Justice, Chelsea McAuliffe, Danielle Moser, Emily Rivard, Elizabeth Walsh, Alt Josie Nunner, 139.745

3. Tucson Synchro: Raven Elias, Andrea Gauthier, Maggie Gauthier, Samantha McKinney, Alexa Stallworth, Ayla Stallworth, Mikayla Welch, Alexandra Hicks (alternate), Caitlin Hicks (alternate), 138.593


16-17 Age Group

Top 3 results


1. Amanda Urke, Minnesota Synchronettes, 142.804

2. Ayla Stallworth, Tucson Synchro, 141.214

3. Emily Roney, New Canaan Y Aquianas, 140.074


1. Emma Burns, Hannah Halverson, Trina Whiteside (alternate), Nevada Desert Mermaids, 138.703

2. Madeline Carlson, Amanda Urke, Minnesota Synchronettes, 138.470

3. Emily Rivard, Elizabeth Walsh, Cincinnati Synchrogators, 137.584


1. Renee Collett, Emily Roney, Erin Wheeler, New Canaan Y Aquianas, 139.297

2. Emma Kar, Paulina Montano, Sydney Schmisseur, Scottsdale Arizona, 137.821

3. Sarah Brill, Alexandra McGee, Natalie Vega, Tonawanda Aquettes, 136.690


1. Riverside Aquettes: Shelby Call, Lauren Charbonneau, Taylor Fair, Cherish Kretz, Catalina Nedelcu,

Nicole Salazar, 138.964

2. Scottsdale Arizona: Jordynn Dixon, Emma Kar, Julia Li, Lauren Galloway, Paulina Montano, Eryn Schmisseur, Sydney Schmisseur, Brenna Wojtysiak, Aimee Liou (alternate), Abbey Shohan (alternate), 138.944

3. New Canaan Y Aquianas: Diya Banerjee, Renee Collett, Alexandra Lin, Isabella Montgomery, Emily Roney, Erin Wheeler, 137.657


13-15 Age Group

Top 3 results


1. Olivia Ekberg, Arizona Desert Dolphins, 149.701

2. Arina Yu, La Mirada Aquabelles, 144.771

3. Catalina Nedelcu, Riverside Aquettes, 144.363


1. Dana Drury, Natalie Fletcher, Daria Torba (alternate), Walnut Creek Aquanuts, 145.702

2. Celine Joo, Leilah Talukder, Jacklyn Ha Luu (alternate), Santa Clara Aquamaids, 143.929

3. Rachel Lau, Jacklyn Ha Luu, Rachel Ye (alternate), Santa Clara Aquamaids, 142.258


1. Dana Drury, Lauren Simonelli, Daria Torba, Natalie Fletcher (alternate), Walnut Creek Aquanuts, 144.399

2. Rachel Lau, Karen Li, Jacklyn Ha Luu, Emily Lu (alternate), Santa Clara Aquamaids ,143.368

3. Taylor Fair, Catalina Nedelcu, Nicole Salazar, Riverside Aquettes, 141.240


1. Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Elizabeth Atencio, Dana Drury, Natalie Fletcher, Regina Kong, Peyton LeGate, Katya Mizin, Lauren Simonelli, Daria Torba, Renee Stehlik (alternate), 146.926

2. Santa Clara Aquamaids: Emily Anger, Nicole Dzurko, Rachel Lau, Emily Lu, Jacklyn Ha Luu, Callia Tong, Rachel Ye, Katherine (Gracie) Young, Camellia Ho (alternate), Anna Piskun (alternate), 144.063

3. Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Lucia Bautista, Kristen Berardi, Margaret Bischel, Ava Jih-Schiff, Alina Kadyntseva, Caitlin Mann, Amanda Portier, Haley Watson, 141.034


11-12 Age Group

Top 3 results


1. Aivan Nguyen, La Mirada Aquabelles, 133.340

2. Lindi Schroeder, ANA Synchro , 131.130

3. Hailee Ana Heinrich, Santa Clara Aquamaids, 130.366


1. Hailee Ana Heinrich, Colleen Li, Santa Clara Aquamaids, 129.242

2. Chesnie Cheung, Kaitlyn Hoang, Santa Clara Aquamaids, 128.091

3. Kate Chow, Celine Wang, Santa Clara Aquamaids, 124.612


1. Chesnie Cheung, Colleen Li, Audrey Nguyen, Santa Clara Aquamaids, 127.878

2. Lorens Carrasquillo, Fabiana Pina, Daniella Ramirez, Coral Springs Aquacades, 124.087

3. Kate Chow, Jenna Latchford, Georgia Wookey, Santa Clara Aquamaids, 123.949


1. Santa Clara Aquamaids: Chesnie Cheung, Kate Chow, Hailee Ana Heinrich, Kaitlyn Hoang, Colleen Li, Audrey Nguyen, Celine Wang, Georgia Wookey, Nicole Goot (alternate), Jenna Latchford (alternate), 129.796

2. Santa Clara Aquamaids: Reiya Das, Nicole Goot, Jenna Latchford, Iris Emma Marchant, Chiara Steele, Sophia Tong, Allison Wu, Angelina Xu, Audrey Xie (alternate), 124.525

3. Coral Springs Aquacades: Lorens Carrasquillo, Irene Hanabergh, Gabriela Ospina, Fabiana Pina, Daniella Quinn, Amanda Ramirez, Daniella Ramirez, 124.006
12U Team Final - Santa Clara Aquamaids - Jenna Latchford, Allison Wu, Chiara Steele, Georgia Wookey, Coach Heather Dzurko, Celine Wang, Iris Marchant, Hailee Heinrich, Colleen Li, Angelina Xu, Coach Michele Costanza, Nicole Goot, Kaitlyn Hoang, Chesnie Cheung, Audrey Nguyen, Kate Chow, Sophia Tong, Audrey Xie, Coach Bahareh Nikbaht, Reiya Das, Coach Andrea Valoppi



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