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Summer Symphony stories: Phil Lane‏

Phil Lane shares his Summer Symphony Story

Phil Lane

In anticipation of Summer Symphony‘s return to Colorado Springs in late June, we’ve invited members of the community to share their memories and impressions of this exciting event. This is the fourth post in a series.

Words by Phil Lane:

The announcement that the Colorado Springs Philharmonic is reviving the Summer Symphony Series is truly outstanding news. Most regular attendees at the Philharmonic performances know what an unbelievably strong symphony we have. Led by Josep Caballé-Domenech and a team of talented guest conductors, we are privileged to enjoy a wonderful variety of shows through the normal indoor season. Now, the 2013 Summer Series will provide an opportunity for more people in our community to enjoy our wonderful Philharmonic in great Summer Settings across the community.

Some of my most memorable experiences as a child growing up in Colorado Springs involved the 4thof July celebration in Memorial Park. I participated in several ways, including as a spectator, vendor, and sponsor. Our family would make our way to Memorial Park in the early afternoon and spend the rest of day taking advantage of all the park had to offer. We would bring a picnic, games, and other sporting equipment, and make a full day of it, capped off by a fabulous performance of the Colorado Springs Symphony. In conjunction, the City presented a great fireworks display. I would head home well fed, well cultured, and really tired!  In addition, our business at the time was a supporter of the Symphony and the summer concert series so when I became old enough to begin working, I can vividly recall wheeling tanks of premix across parking lots to special events trailers spread throughout the park. It was hard work, but during those years there would be literally thousands of people at Memorial Park having a great day so the time really flew by.

Fast forward to 2013, and I believe this announcement is one of the most exciting things to come from our Arts and Culture Community in recent years. Three things strike me as to why this is so important. First, art builds community. You may see that on a bumper sticker and it may not quite resonate with you, but spend an evening with several thousand of your fellow community members in a beautiful place here in Colorado Springs and you will feel a connection with one another. It was unmistakable for me in the 1970’s in Memorial Park, and it will be so again this summer.

Second, by taking the Philharmonic to the people, rather than having to attend a show at the Pikes Peak Center (which is an amazing facility, so please do not interpret this as denigrating it in any way), the potential for more people to be exposed to how truly talented a group of musicians we have in town can only be a boost to our overall support of the Philharmonic. Nathan Newbrough and the Board of Directors have done an amazing job of turning this Philharmonic into one that is envied not just domestically, but internationally. I understand, and I am certainly no aficionado, that Josep is considered one of the finest conductors in the world. That’s right, the WORLD.  For any of you who have seen a show you simply feel the energy pouring forth from the instruments when he is conducting.

Finally, this is a fantastic opportunity to show the world what a wonderful place Colorado Springs is to live, work, and play. While I referenced building community above, and I believe that will be the most dramatic impact of this series, it is also a chance to show those who do not live here what a vibrant Arts and Culture scene we have. Many of the concerts will occur at the height of the tourist season, providing an incredible opportunity to put our best foot forward as a city and region for the thousands of visitors who will pass through the area this summer.

I hope that everyone will take advantage of this great news and make a point to attend at least one (and why not all!) of the Summer Symphony Series events in the coming weeks. Not only will you get the chance to experience some of the finest music anywhere, but you will be reminded what a fabulous community and beautiful city we all enjoy each day.



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